Monday, May 15, 2006


Custom Cross #4: Frank's RockLobster

The 4th bike to hit the customs gallery and the 2nd RockLobster is my friend, Frank's, Orange Rocklobster. For a size 60c bike in steel this is a really nice weight cross bike. Good job mate.

Here, finally are the pics (attached) and specs of my cross bike. I can't wait to see it up on your page.

Frame: Rock Lobster custom, 60cm, 853 main tubes
Fork: Easton EC90X full carbon, 260mm steerer
Headset: Chris King
Crankset: FSA Energy compact, 48-34 rings
Bottom Bracket: KCNC Ti ISIS 68x108 (thanks jeremyb)
Brakes: Paul Neo-Retro front, Touring rear, aluminum pivot bolts
Top Mount Levers: Empella
STI Levers: Shimano Ultegra
Front Derailleur: Ultegra
Rear Derailleur: Ultegra
Cassette: Shimano Dura Ace 12-23 9 speed
Chain: SRAM 970
Seatpost: Performance Forte Precision carbon (I know, sketchy)
Seatpost Clamp: DKG with Ti bolt
Saddle: Selle Italia SLR XP
Handlebars: TTT Prima 199 44cm
Stem: Syntace F99 120mm, Ti bolts
Bar Tape: Cinelli cork
Cables & Housing: Shimano
Pedals: Time ATAC XS
Front - Sun Mistral tubie on ?? hub, 14/15/14 spokes radial (will be rebuilt)
Rear - Sun M19A-II tubie on Dura Ace hub, 14/15/14 spokes radial / 3x
Tires: TUFO Prestige 30mm
Skewers: USE Spin Stix
Other: aluminum bottle cage bolts, carbon spacers, trick Ebay straddle cable hangers, StayWrap chainstay protector, Vetta V-100 wireless computer

Current weight on my el-cheapo digital scale = 19.04 pounds. It WILL get under 19 very soon, I'll send you an update.

I have a pair of Mavic GL330 rims to build onto the existing hubs, should save a little weight there although I'll go to a 3x front lacing for durability. Feedback and comments appreciated!


Again, the bike looks great Frank, and the weight is very respectable for the size and material of the frame.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


Custom Cross #3: Orange Curtlo

The third custom cyclocross bike to hit the customs gallery (#2 was Josh's Light Rocklobster) is this Curtlo. A pretty cool looking bike with a purple to orange fade.

The frame and fork are True Temper OX Platinum, custom built by Doug Curtiss of Curtlo Cycles.
Headset - Cane Creek S3
Handlebar Stem - Ritchey WCS 120mm, +/- 6
Handlebar - Ritchey WCS Road Classic Bend 42 cm
Tape - Shimano Gel backed.
Computer - Cateye - Mity 8
Seat Post - Ritchey Pro
Saddle - Regal
Brakes - Shimano BR-550 Canti's
Shifters - Centaur
Crankset - Centaur Compact 50/34 172.5
Bottom Bracket - Centaur
Front Derailleur - Centaur Compact braze-on
Rear Derailleur - Centaur
Chain - Campagnolo 10
Hubs - Ultegra 10 speed compatible
Rims - Mavic MA3 laced 3 cross with black 15/15 DB spokes
Cassette - 12/25 American Classic
Tires - in the picture, Michelin Jet. Currently sporting Vredestein Campo Cross.

Bike rides like a dream, very happy with the work Doug did on this.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006


Custom Cross #2: Josh's Rock Lobster

This is a cross post (no pun intended), as Josh's bike was in the lightweight gallery for some time now. But his lightbike is also handbuilt, so kudos to him and Rock Lobster. The first double gallery member.

The first American made frame to hit Plus One Lap is none other than Josh's Rock Lobster made in Santa Cruz California. Weighing in at approximately 17.1 lbs he reports and looking pretty bad ass.

Here's the breakdown:

Frame- Easton scandium Rock Lobster, custom for me w/ 53cm c-c tt and 53cm
c-t st.
Fork- Easton EC90X
Wheels- Zipp 404 Pave
Tires- Dugast 30 cotton
QR- Dura Ace
BB- Phil Ti, Campy taper, 102mm
Cranks- Interloc Carbon 172.5, Campy brankarm bolts
Pedals- Crank Brothers Triple Ti Eggbeaters
Chainrings- Specialties TA 39-46, alloy cr bolts
Brakes- Paul Neo-Retro front, Touring rear
Brakepads- Koolstop black w/ "wedge" trimmed off
F Der.- Dura Ace 7700 brz-on w/ shimano alloy clamp
RDer.- Ultegra 7800
Shifters- 105 7800
Cassette- Dura Ace 7800 12-25
Bars- Easton EC90 Equipe Pro
Bartape- Soma
Seatpost- Easton EC-70
Saddle- Fizik Arione
Stem- Easton EA-50 w/ small alloy brake hanger
Headset- Chris King

It's sweet to have a sub 18lb gallery, there's some cool bikes up there
already! -josh (wunlap on RBR)

If you have a custom handbuilt cyclocross bike, email it to me at

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Friday, May 05, 2006


Custom Cross #1: Sean's Taylor

First submission to the new customs gallery is Sean's Taylor.

Sean Says: "Paul Taylor does awesome work. Here is a custom 56x56 steel frame with Alpha Q Carbon fork and Pegasus carbon seat stay. As built DA STI, front + rear derailleurs, FSA cranks, Paul cantis (neo retro front and touring rear), Mavic OP on DA hubs, Tufo tubular clinchers, Ritchey Pro post + bar, TTT Zepp stem, SLR saddle."

If you have a Custom build cross bike send it to me at

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Thursday, May 04, 2006


A new gallery for Plus One Lap: Custom bikes

So, the response was pretty one sided, it seems +1lap readers want a gallery that has custom/handmade bikes as well as the lightweight (sub 18lb) gallery that currently exists. So thats what this is for. If you didnt get to vote, I cry for you.

So this page is for custom cyclocross bikes (ie frames that are made by hand by manufacturers such as Vanilla, Steve Rex, RockLobster, Sycip, Curtlo, Kelly, etc.)

Start sending in pics of your custom cyclocross to me at
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