Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Custom Cross Bike #9: Daniel's Kelly

Finally a Kelly for the gallery, surprised this didn't happen sooner. Chris Kelly is a great guy and this bike looks to be great as well. I love bikes with an apparent color theme---and blue is a good color.

Daniels said: "Attached are some pics of my Kelly Knobbie X. I Actually built it up over a year ago, so it is not particularly new anymore - It's been raced one season and is about ready to start up a second.

Here are the highlights
Kelly Knobby X - built with True Temper OX platinum
Kelly Steel Cross Fork
Chris King Headset
Chris King Hubs built on DT RR.1 rims and Hutchinson Pro Tires (using the Stans no tubes system)
Paul Brakes
9spd Ultegra derailers and Shifters
Ritchey WCS stem, cranks and bars.
Easton seatpost and WTB speed v seat.

The bike rides great - I'm really disappointed that Chris Kelly decided to close up shop as his bikes ride like a dream.

If you post my bike in your gallery, I'd love to see it.

btw: I heard you are in PDX - Welcome to town."

Thanks Daniel. I'll be towing the line with this bike this Saturday as the Singlespeeds and Mens B go off within a minute of each other.

If you have a Handmade/Custom Cyclocross bike, email me the photos and build list to plusonelap@gmail.com and I'll post it to +1lap.com

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Friday, September 08, 2006


Dual Gallery bike #8 and #17: Daniel's Ellsworth

Another cool rig to post up to the Plus One Lap Handbuilt Gallery. This one is Daniel's Ellsworth. The first Ellsworth to the gallery, this one's actually a dual gallery bike too, as it weighs in at 17.25 lbs.

He said,"Thought readers might get a kick out of this one-off Ellsworth Cross bike. Sort of a cross (heh) between an Ellsworth Roots and their Sub-22 mountain frame. Pics attached. Here are the specs (and no, it is not for sale):

Easton Elite tubing (custom drawn for Ellsworth)
50 cm seat tube, ctc
57 cm top tube, ctc
12.5" BB height (yow)
17.25 lbs. built
Dura-Ace 9 spd. right shifter (with fron/back brakes switched like a real cross bike and in keeping with my motocross background)
Dura-Ace non-STI left brake lever
Paul cross levers
9 spd. XTR rear der. (no front), 12-27 Ultegra cassette
single 42 chainring w/ Spot inner and Cyclocrossworld.com outer guards
Carbon Lord 172.5 mm cranks and FSA bottom bracket
Woundup full-carbon fork
Ritchey WCS stem, 100 mm
Cane Creek non-integrated headset
Thomson Elite post, 27.2 mm
Selle Italia Flight Gel saddle
Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheels
Tufo Elite LPS tubeless tubular clincher tires
Coolest feature of all: bottom bracket is engraved "Prototype A"

Three of these ever made. Only two out in the world--Tony Ellsworth kept one for himself. Crazy geometry, but works for me. I'm 5' 10" with a long torso. This is like a compact frame, but with a level top-tube for easy portage. Overall ride amazing. Never had a bike that so reads my mind in terms of handling. I'm not the best barrier bunny-hopper, but this bike makes it pretty straightforward. Rides exactly like a high-end hardtail mountainbike off road and sprints like a road bike on. That rear triangle is something special. Supple yet unbelievably stiff. I'm really stoked about the start of the season.

Cool site. Happy to be able to have my bike hanging out with those other sweet rigs.


Thanks Daniel! Yeah I'm getting excited about the season too, and I like your homemade barrier, looks solid.

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