Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Custom Cross Bike #9: Daniel's Kelly

Finally a Kelly for the gallery, surprised this didn't happen sooner. Chris Kelly is a great guy and this bike looks to be great as well. I love bikes with an apparent color theme---and blue is a good color.

Daniels said: "Attached are some pics of my Kelly Knobbie X. I Actually built it up over a year ago, so it is not particularly new anymore - It's been raced one season and is about ready to start up a second.

Here are the highlights
Kelly Knobby X - built with True Temper OX platinum
Kelly Steel Cross Fork
Chris King Headset
Chris King Hubs built on DT RR.1 rims and Hutchinson Pro Tires (using the Stans no tubes system)
Paul Brakes
9spd Ultegra derailers and Shifters
Ritchey WCS stem, cranks and bars.
Easton seatpost and WTB speed v seat.

The bike rides great - I'm really disappointed that Chris Kelly decided to close up shop as his bikes ride like a dream.

If you post my bike in your gallery, I'd love to see it.

btw: I heard you are in PDX - Welcome to town."

Thanks Daniel. I'll be towing the line with this bike this Saturday as the Singlespeeds and Mens B go off within a minute of each other.

If you have a Handmade/Custom Cyclocross bike, email me the photos and build list to plusonelap@gmail.com and I'll post it to +1lap.com

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Blogger Sasha said...

Question about Daniel's Kelley:

Did you have any issues using that Ritchey Crankset on the extra wide chainstays of the knobby cross?? Chris pounded the idea that I had to use a MTB crank into my head when I bought my KX frame. Now I'm building it up and dreding buying all these mtb components. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful. Thanks. Oh and btw, Nice Bike!

1:10 AM  
Blogger sean said...

I have a Kobby X and you can use road cranks but you will have to ues a funky BB size Like a 120 or some thing like that I hope this helps I want to send som Photos Of my here soon

9:38 AM  

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